Counting the Number of Options/Elements in a <SELECT> Dropdown with jQuery

Counting elements in a <select> dropdown is trivial, but often an issue for beginners in jQuery. In this short article, you will find how to easily get the count of <option> elements in a dropdown with a single line of jQuery code


Find Value of Key in Associative Array

A simple PHP function to help you get the value of a specific key in an associative array.

php mobile browser check

Check If Viewed Through Mobile

On many occasions, you may want to check if the current visitor is browsing your site through a mobile browser. There are a lot of solutions out there (classes, libraries), but the simplest option has been working fine for me for years.


Remove the WordPress Admin Bar

Some developers and admins complain that the new Wordpress admin bar is getting in the way. A few simple lines of code will help you get rid of it quickly.