Installing Docker Toolbox on Windows (Video)

Docker is a very powerful and lightweight virtualization engine that allows you to run any linux machine inside (almost) any host environment. The following tutorial will teach you how to install the Docker host inside Windows and how to run a few of the most populate commands to get you started in the Docker world. [...]

How to Insert a MD5 Password (or the Result of Any Other MySQL Function) Into a Field with “Navicat for MySQL”

MySQL supports MD5() and some other cool functions that do the math for you and save the result in the table field, but what happens when you already have a database and the table in place and you are using “Navicat”, plus you don’t want to fiddle with raw SQL? Luckily, Navicat has the so called “Raw Mode” when viewing a table’s rows which allows us to insert data using MySQL expressions/functions. [...]